how to buy shares in stock market. It is recommended that companies with a profit growth policy be selected to achieve the objectives of the share purchase process, which reuse a large share of these profits once again to increase the growth of different businesses and then perform a comparison of earnings per share with all dividends, 1 Sale of Shares A specific date for the sale of the purchased shares must be selected. This is the first and most important step to be taken after the purchase of the stock; the refusal to make a sale decision for any reason puts the investor in a decline , Especially in the case of Wallace Long-term investment, because of commissions and taxes that ultimately affect profits and gains. 1 Fundamentals of Stock Trading Equity trading is a business that enhances an individualís ability to achieve financial independence. This work entails many financial risks, so it is necessary to employ mental abilities and planning skills that will achieve the desired success. Therefore, the main fundamentals of home trading for shares 23499 … arket.html