Buying Stocks Online is a crucial job. There is a plethora of stock brokers to help you buy. The key to selecting the right brokerage boils down to what kind of platform you want, Michael Fairborn, an education coach for TD Ameri trade, tells Investor’s Business Daily. ’The first thing they (novice investors) want to do is look for a particular platform or website that is user friendly that they can understand,’ he said. ’Platforms have a lot of capabilities available to them. Find a broker who has the information available for the client.’ In the case of TD Ameritrade — which lands on IBD’s 2019 Best Online Brokers list — the brokerage’s online platform can help a client see where the stock market is heading, in general, and then break that down into specific sectors and industries. Doing proper research before buying stocks can save beginners a lot of heartache in the long run, he said in an interview. New investors wondering how to buy for the first time may find it’s a lot like learning to drive a car. 64045